At the beginning of the year I started the Book Challenge by Erin 4.0, a Facebook group dedicated to reading at least ten books in four months. I smashed the first 10 books in the challenge, coming in third, and I was pretty eager to compile my Bonus Round. The rules were very similar to the initial challenge, which I discussed in this post here and I’ve included below.


5pts - Read a book, any book that is at least 200 pages long.

10pts - Read a book that begins with the letter “D”.

10pts - Read a book with a four word title.

15pts - Read a book with one of the following words in the title: “Mother(s), Father(s), Son(s), Daughter(s), Child(ren).

20pts - Read a book by amazon’s top 100 authors from an author that you’ve never read before Amazon Author Rank

20pts - Read a book set in Asia.

25pts - Read a book with a season in the title (“Summer”, “Spring”, “Winter”, “Autumn”, I’ll even allow “Fall”)

30pts - Read a book that will make you laugh from the attached list: [Books guaranteed to make you laugh out oud] - submitted by Bernadette

30pts - Read a book that is a friend or family member’s favorite (or favorite book from another participant of this challenge) - submitted by Peggy

35pts - Read a book published the year you were born. - submitted by Meredith

This time though, I got extra points if I selected a book already chosen by another challenger. So these are the ten books I chose for the Bonus Round.

By February 9th I completed all ten bonus books, coming first for completing both rounds, and I’m pretty pleased with myself for reading twenty books in six weeks. One of the perks for placing in the three is choosing some of the challenges for the next round. I’ve already got my thinking cap on and have a few up my sleeve (and how’s that for a few clothing idioms in one sentence). Bring on the next challenge!