The new challenge is up! If you’re keen to take on a reading challenge to kick start the new year, Erin’s challenge may be the one for you! Check out her Facebook page here and check out the rules. Each book has to be over 200 pages long, you are allowed to include one book that you’ve read before and the challenge will run from January 1st, 2016, to April 30th, 2016. Each category is worth different points and you can read the books in any order.


5pts - Read a book, any book that is at least 200 pages long.

10pts - Read a book that begins with the letter “D”.

10pts - Read a book with a four word title.

15pts - Read a book with one of the following words in the title: “Mother(s), Father(s), Son(s), Daughter(s), Child(ren).

20pts - Read a book by amazon’s top 100 authors from an author that you’ve never read before

20pts - Read a book set in Asia.

25pts - Read a book with a season in the title (“Summer”, “Spring”, “Winter”, “Autumn”, I’ll even allow “Fall”)

30pts - Read a book that will make you laugh from the attached list:…/books-guaranteed-to-make-you-laug… - submitted by Bernadette

30pts - Read a book that is a friend or family member’s favorite (or favorite book from another participant of this challenge) - submitted by Peggy

35pts - Read a book published the year you were born. - submitted by Meredith

Here are my books! The hard part will be waiting until January 1st to start!