We are taking part in the 2011 Wild Endurance event and will be completing a 100km trek through the Blue Mountains to raise funds for The Wilderness Society. The Wilderness Society is a national, community-based, environmental advocacy organisation whose purpose is to protect, promote and restore wilderness and natural processes across Australia for the survival and ongoing evolution of life on Earth.

Last year Pat, Ben and I ran (and crawled) 52km in the second half of a relay team in Wild Endurance (as a team we finished the 100kms in 19 hours and 55mins) but this year someone (not pointing fingers…we may just come back with one less member though!) suggested we do the full 100km and Nich (our awesome support leader from last year who fed us, strapped our feet and made sure we didn’t get run over by cars on our way to breakfast the next morning) has joined us to make the team “Unhappy Feet!”

Training at the moment is involving a lot of crossfit, eating paleo and planning a few long runs (the boys have worked out a 45km run round Gosford’s Brisbane Water) so we’re pretty busy and hope to get the full 100km done in under 20 hours.

Please DONATE by going here and help The Wilderness Society continue their work to protect the wilderness for all of us and future generations.