To finish off 2017, I’m thrilled to have my short story “The Appointment” published in the December issue of Aphelion, the Webzine of Sciece Fiction and Fantasy.

The story is one I wrote back in 2014 while on a trip to New York. There’s something about being out of your usual comfort zone that inspires the imagination and it was on a subway platform at 96th Street Station that I observed two gentlemen meet: one older and clearly fed up with his day and the other somewhat amused as if he was remembering a joke. That got the What-Ifs going and I penned the story in my travel journal, finding it later when I was home again.

I haven’t had many short stories published. This will actually be my second. My first, a dystopian short story called “Misstep in the Dark”, you can find here in SWAMP, a journal for postgraduate creative writing.

My goal for 2018 is to submit at least one short story a month and through feedback I’ll hopefully improve my writing. So check out “The Appointment” here and let me know what you think!