The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers was a delight to read. I totally agree with the Guardian’s description of this book as being “quietly profound”. It’s unlike most science fiction I’ve read as it’s not plot driven, but instead we peek into these characters lives, watching them explore the diversity within their universe.

The novel is set on the Wayfarer with a vibrant crew that includes Sissix, a very friendly feathery reptillian pilot; Dr Chef, a six limbed, vocally complex, giant otter/caterpillar; Ohan, a navigator that understands the multi-dimensional nature of space and uses plural pronouns; Lovey, the ship’s AI; and a handful of pretty quirky humans. They create hyperspace tunnels between planets, so when they’re offered a job that’ll set them up for life, they agree readily. Except the trip is long, and the planet they’re travelling to is very, very angry.

It’s like the TV shows Firefly and Farscape (both brilliant and should’ve lasted much, much longer) had a baby together with a sweetness that left me hopeful for our future. I was delighted to learn there will be a sequel!