The Last Place is the last novel of a young adult dystopian series set in Australia. I adored the first two novels, The Last Girl and the The Last Shot, and the final book lived up to high expectations. Not only was it brilliantly written and had a unique apocalyptic scenario, I loved how the protagonist, Danby, travels from Sydney, to the Blue Mountains and up to Port Macquarie. The places were familiar, which is a nice change from the usual American YA SF, and inspired some truly horrible nightmares (if that could be considered a good thing as not many novels allow me to connect on such a deep level.) The actions and outcomes were realistic and the characters’ emotions were raw and powerful. Danby and Nathan continued to develop as characters in ways that were, while at times heart breaking, truly believable. Like any good dystopian novel, the ending is wonderfully hopeful and I’ve been left feeling genuinely satisfied.