I don’t normally listen to podcasts, but, thanks to my partner, I’ve started listening to a few during my walks in the morning. I’ve a preference for narrative based ones and my favourite podcast at the moment is Tanis. It’s a bi-weekly podcast from the creators of Pacific Northwest Stories, a podcast network which offers unique docu-drama stories that flavour mystery and the paranormal.

Tanis is hosted by Nic Silver, who is attempting to unearth the secrets around the myth of Tanis, a mysterious place that moves around, potential holds the key for immortality, yet leaves madness and suicide in its wake. The podcast is fantastically executed: the music and audio creates an eerie and, at times, spooky atmosphere, the story is a careful blend of truth and fiction that you honestly believe the conspiracy surrounding Tanis is real, and the characters are believable as they’re at times awkward, dorky, and sarcastic (as Meerkatnip, a secretive cyber-information-specialist, frequently mocks Nic Silver’s lack of tech know-how and taste in literature).

To boost credibility, the website also includes photos and documents discussed in each episode. The photographs of Kitsault, British Columbia (photos by Chad Graham) were particularly effective and gave me goosebumps!

If you’re looking for a cool podcast that’ll insert a bit of mystery in your life, then you need not go any further than Tanis. I’m hanging out for episode ten with baited breath!