This may be weird, but what I most liked about Shiver was the blue ink. Reading a font that’s in a colour other than black changes how you absorb a story. It encourages a feeling of peace and quiet, like a wintery morning before everyone else has woken up, yet there’s a sadness too. It suits the story, and I’m curious to see how the colour inks of the following books will affect how the story is read.

The romance blossoms pretty quickly between wolf-loving Grace and were-boy Sam, and the story is built around the angst of future possibilities. Their relationship is syrupy sweet and almost too perfect (and I assume the following novels Linger and Forever will stir this up a little), but the relationship Grace has with her parents and friends balances this out nicely. While maybe the pace was a little slow at times, this novel suited my lazy Saturday afternoon mood. I’m keen to read the rest!