Scott Westerfeld’s Peeps, and the following novel The Last Days, is a great quick read that re-explores the hugely popular vampire narrative, that’s flooded bookstore shelves, in a refreshing new light. This is no Twilight. There’s a dash of romance, but it’s not the main focus off the book, and I enjoyed Cal’s attempts at being a sneaky sleuth and not quite succeeding. Some bits were creepy (because being chased in the dark by hoards of rats would make anyone freak), however, the humour was well placed and ensured the narrative wasn’t taken too seriously. It’s aimed at the older end of YA with Cal being 19, independent from his parents, and living in his own flat. His character is a lovely balance of naivety and confidence.

Overall, this novel is good fun, the perfect length for train trip to and from work, and a great spin on the whole vampire thing. I guess vampire stories will never get old.