I’ve always been a fan of Garth Nix, ever since I was a child. The fact he’s Australian and lives in my own city is just the icing on the cake as I often get the pleasure of seeing him talk at conferences, writing festivals and book launches.

He spoke at GenreCon in Brisbane last year and I picked up two of his new books, Frogkisser! and Have Sword Will Travel , the latter he co-wrote with Sean Williams. I made the mistake of starting Frogkisser! before my trip to Vietnam end of last year and had to leave it at home as I only travel with my Kindle now to ensure I can take a library with me wherever I go. Soon as I got home though, I was back into it.

Frogkisser! is a middle grade children’s book heavily influenced by fairytale tropes that Nix turns upside and back to front. It’s a great, easy read with fun characters and an interesting story line. I’d definitely recommend this as a book to read with a child, as the characters lend nicely towards making funny voices. It’s delightful and fun for all ages.