I have just had my first paid short story published! Breach is a relatively new webzine for new and emerging Australian and New Zealand writers and artists writing SF, horror and dark fantasy short fiction. My short story “Garage of Lost and Forgotten Things” was published in issue #8.

Here’s the issue’s description

Our 8th issue skews heavily to horror, covering a few different subgenres by some amazing writers. Deborah Sheldon (Contrition, Thylacines) starts things off with For Weirdless Days and Weary Nights, a dark tale about friends discovering an abandoned campsite.

Jessica Nelson-Tyers and David Stevens follow with Hit and Rot and Baby, Cold Outside, two stories that may make you think twice the next time you get in a car.

Ferne Merrylees’ mournful fantasy Garage Sale of Lost and Unwanted Things offers a brief respite before William Cook’s brutal Death Comes Calling.

Carlington Black’s darkly comic The New Suit pits two men against each other, while Sam M. Phillips goes to a bleak place in Twisted Labyrinth.

You can buy a copy for less than $2 USD on either Amazon or Smashword.

I was also interviewed so check out my answers to the below questions here:

  • Are there any horror/fantasy/sci-fi tropes or sub genres which you feel are played out? And vice versa, what tropes would you like to see more of?
  • To what degree do you feel everything has already been written, in some form or another? Have you ever started writing a story, only to discover someone has already written it?
  • What books are beside your bed right now?
  • Given the wide amount of fan fiction being published in countless places online, what are your thoughts on fan fiction in general?
  • Do you have any particular writing rituals you are comfortable sharing?

It’s a small step towards my writing dreams, but a boost I very much needed right now.