Brain Jack by Brian Faulkner is set in the near future where virtual reality headsets are used to connect the brain directly with the internet and, consequently, with other people’s minds. Sam Wilson is a brilliant teen hacker who brings down one of the largest telecommunication companies to get his hands on a new headset for him and his best friend.

Having splurged last year and bought a Vive VR headset, I know what it’s like to use a VR headset for the first time. I’ve hilarious video footage to prove it. Brain Jack examines technology that’s pretty close to what’s coming to market right now, which makes it pretty interesting speculating about the consequences.

During an attempt to join a secret hacker group by hacking the White House, Sam’s recruited to a special national security project for cyber defence. It’s not quite a dream come true, but Sam is very good at what he does. Yet after a tragedy at home, he discovers that the headsets don’t just allow him to hack on a whole new level but may also mean his brain can be hacked in return.

The book questions identity creation through the formation of memories and is a good fun and easy read.