Alice Isn’t Dead, is a brand new serial fiction podcast from the team behind Welcome to Night Vale with episodes out every other Tuesday. The music is by Disparition, it’s written by Joseph Fink, and it’s narrated by the very talented Jasika Nicole. If you’ve listened to Welcome to Night Vale (and I had the pleasure to watch them live when they were in Sydney not that long ago) then you should know to expect something that’s a little offbeat, but nothing really prepared me for how much darker this podcast is in comparison.

The first episode is titled Omelet, which seems benign enough but I’m never looking at omelets the same way ever again. I listened to the podcast on my way to meet friends for dinner. Big mistake. As I was coming up the escalators, the cute little Japanese restaurant in sight, I reached a particular moment in the podcast when I seriously thought I may never eat again (and when you listen to this episode, you’ll know exactly what moment I mean).

Alice Isn’t Dead is creepy, dark, and wonderfully evocative, and a completely different style to Welcome to Night Vale as the narrator takes listeners along for a ride in her truck as she searches for Alice while the nightmarish Thistle Man lurks in her rear view mirror. I wait with bated breath for the next episode! Listen to it here!